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Homeowners and business owners alike invest in professional lawn care services. The reason for this is simple: your landscape leaves an impression on visitors. This is especially true for companies since consumers notice a well-kept lawn. Professional lawn care services are excellent for families who want to transform their home into a sanctuary and businesses that want their landscape to match their brand.

Mike’s Maintenance is your trustworthy and skilled lawn care company serving Calumet City and Northwest Indiana communities. We work on all aspects of lawn maintenance to ensure that your home looks attractive and appealing from the outside. We focus on meeting or surpassing your expectations when it comes to landscaping.


Common materials used for mulching include leaves, wood shavings, cardboard, paper, and other biodegradable materials. However, it’s not uncommon to use synthetic materials as well. With mulching, you retain soil moisture, improve health, reduce weed growth and enhance the look of the soil. Mulch can be used for garden and flower beds, edging your yard, or just to modify the look of an area of your yard. For busy home and business owners, our mulching services are convenient.


Garden Edging

By establishing neat, crisp lines, edging isolates your grass from other areas. Garden edging is used to define flower or shrub beds, trees, or the transition between a patio and the rest of the garden. Lawn and garden edging also prevents turf from intruding on neighboring gardens. Pathways composed of loose material, such as gravel or mulch, are also used in landscape edging, resulting in well-defined paths with components that stay in place.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is a time-consuming element of yard maintenance since it takes longer than any other lawn care activity. However, it must be done if you want to keep your lawn looking the way you want it and take pride in your property’s upkeep.

Why Call Mike’s Maintenance?

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape for your property includes mowing, aerating, fertilizing, weed management, and pest and disease control. Each of these activities takes time and effort. Professional lawn care services will provide you with the landscape you desire while you focus on more essential tasks.

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