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The landscape of a home reveals a lot about the person who lives there. A well-designed landscape may increase the value of a home, regulate storm flow and drainage, stimulate outdoor living, and speed up the sale process. As a result, people seeking to renovate their houses must enlist the aid of a professional landscaping firm.

Mike’s Maintenance is your trustworthy and skilled landscape maintenance company serving Chicagoland. We work on all elements of landscaping, with a particular emphasis on lawn care and hardscaping. We strive to deliver landscaping that equals or exceeds your expectations. 


You may either design a new landscape or modify an existing one. We feel pride in developing the right landscape design for each property. Furthermore, we provide a variety of lawn care services to keep your property looking great all year.

Lawn Care: Do you want a greener lawn? Once we’ve identified your lawn’s concerns, we’ll recommend the best lawn care solution for you, which might range from a single lawn care treatment to regular yard maintenance. 

Snow Removal: When the snow starts falling, there’s no time to waste. We’re prepared for both regular seasonal snowfalls and extreme blizzard conditions. We analyze the circumstances on the spot and devise a strategy to clear the snow fully, effectively, and in the shortest time. In a matter of minutes, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots will be cleaned and made accessible.


Without hardscape components, no landscape is complete. We specialize in designing manufactured elements for your landscape, such as pathways, patios, and retaining walls.

Retaining Walls: A properly constructed retaining wall may be a beautiful focal point for your garden in addition to providing critical structural support to large areas of land. Other advantages of retaining walls include converting your landscape into a valuable and beautiful work of art.

Patios: We are experts that know how to properly prep and grade your patio, as well as make a smooth transition from the patio to your lawn for a clean and professional look.

Decks: Do you have ideas for a new deck in your backyard? It’s now easier than ever to build the deck of your dreams with our decking services.


Masonry may be the centerpiece of an outdoor living space on your property, such as a garden, lawn, patio, outdoor kitchen, or water feature. Our skilled and devoted staff will listen to your ideas and develop a one-of-a-kind masonry design that will impress your neighbors.

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