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The landscape of a property says a lot about its owner. A properly designed landscape may improve a home’s value, control storm flow and drainage, encourage outdoor living, and accelerate the sale process. As a result, homeowners who want to improve their homes must hire a professional landscaping company.

Mike’s Maintenance is your reliable and proficient landscape services provider in Calumet City and surrounding areas. We provide a variety of landscaping services, lawn care services, and snow removal. Whether you want to modify your landscape or start from scratch, rest assured we’re committed to surpassing your expectations.


You may either design a new landscape or upgrade the current one. We take great pleasure in developing the right landscape design for each property. Furthermore, we provide various services to keep your property looking great all year, such as the ones listed below.

Lawn Care: Do you desire a more aesthetically pleasing lawn? Lawn care is required for a lovely yard. We’ll implement the finest lawn care solution for you once we’ve evaluated your lawn’s needs, which might range from a single lawn care treatment to monthly yard maintenance.

Sod Installation

It takes time, work, and the correct weather to grow a lawn from grass seed. Sod is a quick way to have grass growing in your yard without waiting for seeds to sprout. Sod is essentially grass plus a piece of soil from and where it grew. Keep in mind that you must adhere to a rigorous watering plan during the first few weeks after installation to ensure that the roots of your new sod penetrate the soil and attach themselves. Mike’s Maintenance, fortunately, is more than capable of providing you with exceptional landscaping services.

Garden Edging

Edging separates your lawn from other areas by forming clean, sharp lines. It’s used to outline flower or shrub beds, trees, or the transition from a patio to the rest of the garden. Lawn and garden edging also helps to protect turf from encroaching into adjacent garden areas. Landscape edging also contains pathways made of loose material, like gravel or mulch, resulting in well-defined walkways with path components that remain in place.

Snow Removal

When the snow begins to fall, there is no time to spare. We’re prepared for both ordinary seasonal snowfalls and major blizzards. We assess the situation on the spot and create a strategy to clear the snow completely, effectively, and in the least amount of time. Walkways and parking lots will be cleared and available in no time.

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