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We’re a hardscaping and landscaping company that’s committed to improving the look of your home.

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  • Calumet City IL
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Unique and Charming Exterior Solutions

Whether you need lawn maintenance (mulching, mowing, pruning, etc.), landscaping (designing and creating your new outdoor area), or hardscaping (decks, patios, retaining walls, etc.), we start our services with a consultation. To provide you with a tailored service, we go over your budget, listen to your preferences, issues you want to address, and overall expectations.


No landscape is complete without hardscape elements. We are experts in designing man-made features for your landscape, from paths to patios and retaining walls.


You can create a new landscape or change the one you already have. We find joy in creating the ideal landscape design for each and every home. Moreover, we offer various lawn care solutions to maintain your property looking top-of-the-line all year.

Masonry Finishes

Masonry can be the focal point of an outdoor living space like a garden, lawn, patio, outdoor kitchen, or water feature on your home’s property.

Our latest projects

A home’s landscaping says a lot about the homeowner. It’s the most critical aspect of curb appeal since it sets the tone for the rest of your home’s design, both inside and out. Landscaping, however, provides more than just visual benefits. A beautiful landscape may boost a property’s value, control storm flow and drainage, encourage outdoor living, and help you sell your property faster. For this reason, the expert help of a professional landscaping company is a must for those who are looking to revamp their homes.
Mike’s Maintenance is your local, dependable, and skilled landscaping expert with plenty of experience in the field. We work on all aspects of landscaping, with a focus on lawn maintenance and hardscaping. We’re committed to providing landscaping that meets or exceeds your expectations. The first step is to develop a design that reflects your vision on how you’ll use the space, how you want it to look, and your budget.

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